Why Sodium Is Important

Do you know why sodium is important to your wellbeing and how sodium loss can affect your performance? What happens when you lose too much sodium? Exercise physiologist, Harriet Brown, explains why replacing sodium when hydrating is critical to how you feel and perform.


Why Is It Important To Understand My Sweat

Do you know why we sweat? Do you know what can change the amount we sweat? Exercise physiologist, Harriet Brown, gives you a few tips behind understanding your sweat.


Why A 'One Size Fits All' Strategy Doesn't Work

We all come in different shapes and sizes, so why do we all expect a 1 size fits all approach will work with hydration and nutrition? Exercise physiologist, Harriet Brown, briefly explains why we need to tailor our nutrition and hydration plans.


 Why Is It Important To Separate My Calories From My Hydration

In changing weather conditions, it's wise not to combine your hydration needs with your calorie intake. Exercise physiologist, Harriet Brown, explains why you have to separate the 2 when training and racing.


Why It's Important To Change My Nutrition Strategy In Different Weather Conditions

Exercise physiologist, Harriet Brown, talks us through the importance of being aware of the environmental conditions you're exercising in and how they can alter the amount of liquid you may need or not need to consume.



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